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  1. Congratulations on the new Blog, Anne! I look forward to reading your posts. — Chris

  2. Hi…am listening to a video on the Arctic and cannot hear or rather spell the name of the sea birds that can dive up to 100 meters deep, something like Murers…but I know this spelling isn’t right ..can you tell which bird this is?

    • Thick-billed Murres nest in the eastern Arctic and are accomplished pursuit divers, feeding on fish. Murres are called Guillemots in Europe. A related species, the Common
      Murre occurs in B.C.
      Likely it was one of these that featured in the video.

  3. Hello,

    I am birdwatcher from Poland and Switzerland and will be visiting Delta about 14-15 July 2016. Could you share some recent bird info, or show me places? If it is possible, please contact me per email. 🙂

    good birding,

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