Anne Murray is the author of A Nature Guide to Boundary Bay and Tracing Our Past ~ A Heritage Guide to Boundary Bay and a major contributing author to the Georgia Basin Habitat Atlas: Boundary Bay. All these books were published by Nature Guides BC, a company founded by Anne in 2005. Anne is currently providing editorial assistance to the Bird Studies Canada and partners publishing committee, working on the online BC Breeding Bird Atlas 2015.

In 2009, Nature Guides BC published Eva Durance’s Cultivating the Wild – Gardening with native plants of British Columbia’s Southern Interior and Eastern Washington.


Anne volunteers with a number of non-profit organizations including Bird Studies Canada (Board Secretary), the Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust (Board member), the Delta Naturalists’ Society, and BC Nature (the Federation of BC Naturalists), of which she is a past-President and currently the BC Important Bird Areas liaison member. She is a past-trustee of the Delta Museum and Archives. Among other awards, she was a recipient of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee medal for nature conservation, BC Nature’s Elton Anderson Award, and Nature Vancouver’s John Davidson Award for Conservation.

Anne has had a life-long interest in birds, nature, history and different cultures. Born and educated in England, where she received her BSc (physics and geology), she has taught mathematics and science to every age group. She took up writing about nature, ecological history and conservation in 2004. She has lived in Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Alberta and for the last two decades, in Tsawwassen, British Columbia. Anne is married with three daughters.


  1. Dear Anne, We read your article on keeping the song birds safe from cats and windows in th ePeac ARch News. We have 4 of those window decals but the birds still fly into the windows – do we have to cover the windows with them??? Stressed in White Rock!! so far none of them have died but who knows if they do later from internal injuries…Thank you. Mazell

    • Hi Mazell
      I find that some of our windows are more dangerous than others, depending on the reflections of trees or if they are aligned so that the birds think they can fly straight through. This time of year seems to be particularly bad, too. Try and assess from a bird perspective and perhaps close some drapes or blinds, move the decals around, etc. Try and see where the birds were feeding when they flew into the window – is there a particular berry bush attracting them or a feeder you could move?
      I have at most 4 leaf decals on my largest window, and 2 on most of the smaller windows. We now get very few collisions and haven’t had any fatalities since using them. I hope you can find what works for your situation – please let us know if you do!

  2. THank you SO much! We did try to move the decals. We don’t actually have a bird feeder, we have a beautiful 3 tiered fountain that serves as the local bath house! It is off to the side of the large windows but somehow the window still causes some confusion. We have four decals on that one and will close the drape on part of it. So disconcerting when they crash – our hearts hurt!!

  3. We are building a website for our church and were wondering if you had any copyright requirements for using one of your pictures?

    If you forward an email address I can attach the picture in question.

    Thank you,

    Blair Mohr
    Pastoral Administrator
    Williams Lake Alliance Church

  4. Hi Anne,

    My name is Dave Scott and I am a biologist with the Raincoast conservation foundation. I saw your article in the Georgia strait regarding the Fraser estuary, fantastic article. I work exclusively on lower Fraser salmon conservation and am an expert witness in the Roberts bank terminal two ceaa process.
    I would love to chat with you about your extensive knowledge of the Fraser estuary, please send me an email at dave@raincoast.org, it would be great to get on in touch.


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