Posted by: Anne Murray | August 25, 2010


Black Tusk from Whistler Mountain

Our English visitors wanted to see bears this summer so we headed to Whistler.  In my experience, this is the most reliable place near the Lower Mainland to see wild black bears, as over 80 live on the ski hills.  On August 25 we spotted eight individuals. Some we saw from the main gondola up Whistler Mountain, others from the Peak to Peak. Most were feeding in thick berry bushes, including a sow and two cubs, but a couple were out in the open, including this very relaxed individual near the Peak to Peak terminal.

Black Bear at Whistler

 As well as bears, we saw lots of chipmunks and a few ravens; no marmots or pikas as on some other occasions. Of course, there are a lot of visitors to the mountain top, so it isn’t exactly a wilderness experience, but we got plenty of exercise hiking up the long way to the peak of Whistler Mountain and the views were tremendous. Patches of snow were deep in places and alpine flowers bloomed among the rocks.

Whistler Mountain

This is an easy day trip from Vancouver up the Ski to Sky highway and a nice way to show visitors the beauty of the Coast Mountain scenery without a long hike.


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